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DZ-1260 Water Tower Animator | O or S gauge

DZ-1260 Water Tower Animator | O or S gauge

SKU: 1260
  • As the engine pauses beneath a working water tower (not included) the spout lowers with a loud mechanical sound, followed by the rush of water. A few seconds later, the fireman calls “she’s full-up” and you hear and see the spout going back into place!
  • Simply install a white reflective card on the rear truck of any tender and the white LED alignment light near your water tower.
  • Just stop the loco over the sensor, watch for the LED to light for one second, and the fun begins.
  • Module can also be operated manually with a push-button switch (not included) or be controlled from CAB-1 using our DZ-2001 Data Wire Driver.
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