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What are SmartSignals?​​

All you do is put them on the layout and supply power - smartSignals do the rest! smartSignals have optical detection built right in. They operate in any light from total darkness to sunlight. There is no need to cut track for isolated sections, tear up track and mount finicky mechanical detectors, or go out and buy an additional sensor. The lights change by fading out and fading in for added realism. All signals are scale size – available in O, G, HO and N.

Who Do I Call for Technical Support?

Call Dennis at Z-Stuff for any questions regarding your product. 585-377-0925​

​How Do I Place An Order or Check on the Status of an Order?​

Order online or call! To be placed on a back order list, call or send us an email. Susan at ZStuffExpress will return your call after 5 pm CST.

Payment & Shipping

You do not need to have a Paypal account to order online! You can call at 708-352-9105. Calls will be returned after 5pm CST. Unless otherwise indicated, our orders ship via USPS First Class Mail. Please allow 5-10 business days for arrival.

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