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DZ-1065V Searchlight Signal | O gauge

DZ-1065V Searchlight Signal | O gauge

SKU: 1065O
  • Exclusive optical sensors in the base of each signal detect an adjacent train.
  • Just set them down and connect 2 wires to power for a working signal.
  • When the train passes the signal, the indication will change to RED or stop and hold until the train has passed. 8 seconds after the train passes, the signal will change to YELLOW or caution.
  • After 8 more seconds, it will change back to GREEN or clear.
  • The signal only needs (9-18V AC or DC) power to operate, but it does have an input (YELLOW) and an output (WHITE) for additional possibilities.
  • All the new "V" version signals have variable delay (1-60 sec.) which can be set by the user.
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