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DZ-1060V-2 7-light Pennsy signal w/dual heads  |O gauge

DZ-1060V-2 7-light Pennsy signal w/dual heads |O gauge


Dual Headed Signals

  • Just connect RED wire to power (12-18V AC or DC) and BLACK wire to common to operate.
  • Upper head is controlled by either the built-in sensor or the YELLOW input wire.
  • The second or lower head is controlled by the ORANGE input wire. 
  • Facing the front of the signal, train is detected on LEFT side. 
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted with the sensitivity adjustment at the front of the base. 
  • 8 secs. after train passes the signal, it changes from RED or stop and after another 8 secs. signal will change to YELLOW or caution.  After 8 more seconds, it will change to GREEN or clear. 
  • The delay time between aspects can be user set from 1 to 60 sec. 
  • On the second or lower signal head, the input is ORANGE wire & second output is GREEN wire. 
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