Protect grade crossings along your line with these scale-size signals. Each features moving wigwags, flashing LEDs and digital sound for authenticity. DZ-1011 Block Signal Detectors (each set includes two that install without cutting rails) have optical sensors that detect approaching trains to automatically activate the signals. Trains are also optically detected in the crossing. The units can be wired for isolated rail. Up to four tracks can be independently sensed with additional detectors.

For S gauge - sink base into table layout.

• Realistic scale proportions

• Optical train detection (no cutting of rails required) 

• Operable wigwags

• Realistic, long-life, red and green LED signals

• Digital crossing bell sound

• 2 DZ-1011 Block Signal Detectors included

• Handles up to four tracks

DZ-1030 WigWag Signal Set | O / S gauge

SKU: 1030